Tuesday, June 14, 2011

perfect. nope, not me.

results are harsh.

people expect results from you. they expect good results. but they just don’t care about the effort that we’ve put in obtaining such results.

parents expect you to excel in your academics.

supervisors expect you to perform in your job.

friends expect you to be with them all the time.

almost all people are result oriented.

is it fair for us to say that, when people are result oriented, they get harsh?

we do hope for good results. but can we be harsh in accepting results?

whatever the outcome might be, good or bad.

we believe that, how much effort that we’ve put into completing a task, the results are ultimately bestowed by allah.

at the same time, we don’t neglect the need to strive as hard as we could.

prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) was put through a series of tough challenges during his lifetime. stones was thrown at him, people have been calling him names, a community boycotted his people for 3 years, he endured battles with the people who opposed islam.

and he did not get to see the muslim crowd of 1.2 billion muslims today during his time.

prophet noah spend 950 years of his lifetime preaching islam, but only a few people followed his path.

the followers of prophet jesus, the hawariyyun, stayed all the way with him, preaching islam. but it did not change the condition during the roman empire.

there are times when life is just not about simple maths. the output yielded, sometimes, are not directly proportional to the amount of effort that we’ve put in.

i tried my best, to put my effort in everything that i do everyday. it is difficult to juggle between academics, and tarbiyyah. yes, i’m still trying to put those two into place. and i’m in the process of understanding that life is not that simple.

life is hard. and i can be perfect.

how can i deny that.

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