Monday, May 4, 2009


Saje je nak buat semak blog.

Alrighty then, this entry's about preparing PDA (short for potato dextrose agar).

The potato dextrose agar is the most suitable agar growth medium for fungi growth.

Stuffs needed
PDA powder, 500 ml schott bottle, autoclave machine/ pressure cooker, laminar flow, measuring cylinder, beaker, petri dishes

Precaution steps
1. Sterilize hands by applying 70% alcohol solution
2.Wear gloves

1. Weigh 19.5 g of pda powder and pour it into the 500 ml schott bottle.
2. Fill the bottle with water.
3. Autoclave it at 121 degree celcius for 15 minutes/ place the bottle in the pressure cooker for 1 hour at the highest temperature (knob directed to number 10)
4. Take out the bottle, pour the dissolved pda into the petri dishes (approximately 25 ml per dish)
5. Let the PDA solidifies, put 'em into the chiller at 4 degree celcius.


miznunu said...

as easy as baking a choc cake! hee =P

Anonymous said...

simple, makcik2 bole cbe d rumah..tambah sirap n coloring, bole jual..hahahha