Friday, April 3, 2009

of DNA and Death

this week, the lab has ventured deeply into basic genomics.. we did a little plasmid extraction, polymerase chain reaction, and of course, DNA mapping.. and it was all bacterial DNA.. yup, double-stranded bacterial DNA.. Prof Tan told stories about his experiences back in the old "younger" days.. about how should punctuality be met..

Dr Tong left us, to the hereafter.. the atmosphere around the faculty during the week was quite gloomy, with sad faces on exhibit all around.. the other lecturers and staffs.. and I couldnt possibly forget the look on Dr Wan's face.. she was like sad, real sad.. like when Mr Khalid past away.. Me? I'm shocked with the news but not sad about it as I wasnt acquainted enough with Dr Tan.. He was a good lecturer, cared for his students, taught his students to think, gave his students exposure on the broad area of mycology, frequently talked about his student days at Otago.. He will be remembered..

lots of assignments await. pending lab reports. abstracts.

lousy untidy room.

silent type room mate.

finally decided to help Dr Wan's graduate student with their research, free internet for the holidays, minus the allowance.

really miss my family.

this entry's a mess, simply unorganized, sorry for that.

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