Sunday, April 5, 2009

Please welcome, Mr President.

yesterday was the day that i've been waiting for (with favorable amount of enthusiastism). the new line up for the students' rep have been called upon. praise to be Allah that Zul has been appointed as the president. verily, Allah has bestowed the college with such person as Zul to be the president as his predeccessor was non of my favorite.

we have planned, and He has planned yet, He is trully knows everything, He is the best planner.

to be truthful is hard, real hard for me. i've longed to be one of them. to be able to contribute something to the community is truly a wonderful joy to me. but, the opportunity was not mine. it was someone elses. i really hated to be just another ordinary guy whose daily routine is to lay around doing nothing. i really hated the fact of life that i'm just going to be someone whose going to be condemned of doing nothing. well, life is not about me. life is about other people. i try my hard not to be selfish, not to be a lone ranger. and so, last night was another chapter of my life passing by, without me in it.

on to the next chapter of my life.

with more tiring assignments and examinations. the damn cycle of life just keeps on repeating without mercy for me.

*p/s: sorry ummu, i couldnt attend your show, it rained cats and dogs.

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akuadalahaku said...

eh its ok..aku main twok dat nite..hahah sebek ko xtgk..lala~